Training Center

The Fitness Defined Training Center

For personal coaching, team training, sports specific training, injury recovery, bootcamps, and seminars, the training facility will be fully equipped to provide the results you're looking for. More information coming soon!

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Lee Linville's Fitness Defined

Results Matter...

Seminars designed to teach you what you need to know to reach your health & fitness goals. You will walk away prepared and motivated to see real, sustainable results. Whether you need the basics are are interested in advanced principles, we have the information to make you successful!

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Fitness Defined Nutrition

Fitness Defined Nutrition

Proper nutrition is one of the most critical aspects of health & fitness. Tailoring your nutrition plan to your metabolic profile to support your goals is a must! A Fitness:Defined Meal Plan will be the roadmap to reaching your goals.

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Fitness Defined Personal Coaching

Personalized For You..

With Fitness Defined Personal Coaching you get the dedicated attention to keep you focused and on track to meet your goals. Weather you select a single session or a complete coaching package, you'll get Lee there ready to move you forward toward your goals! Real...Sustainable...RESULTS!

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Fitness Defined Is OPEN. Come in and give us a try.


1A degree in Sports Nutrition and Human Performance along with over 12 active certifications from nationally recognized organizations. There’s no guesswork here. Dedicate Your Mind & Your Body Will Follow!


2No generic “diets” here! Programs built for specifically for you and based on your metabolic profile. You will have a customized approach to reach your goals. And results are always guaranteed!


3Constant support to both encourage you and make sure you have the knowledge you need to reach your goals. Become a Fitness Defined client and you will have full access to the knowledge you need to make smart decisions.


4Enabling you to feel and see yourself changing everyday, becoming healthier and happier with a whole new you!

  • Real Goals
  • Real Commitment
  • Real Knowledge
  • Real Results

Guaranteed Results...Everytime!